7 Easy ways to get FREE crypto

If you are new to cryptocurrency or don’t have funds to invest in it. You might be looking for a way to get free cryptocurrencies. Lucky you, in this post I will present to you 7 ways to get free Bitcoin or other crypto coins/tokens.

You could easily get around 50$ in free crypto just by doing some of the ways mentioned below.

I hope that it will be useful to you and that it will get you started in the great world of cryptocurrency!

Let’s just jump right into it!

Free crypto for learning

This is probably the simplest way to get free crypto.

Some crypto exchanges and platforms are ready to give you cryptocurrency while you learn about them.

Usually, the user only has to watch a few videos and answer questions to get their free crypto.

The process is very easy and will take you about 10 minutes to get some free coins.

You can then, sell, transfer or just hold these free coins. They are 100% yours.

Where to get free crypto to learn:

  • CoinMarketCap EARN
    Coinmarketcap is a platform where you can get the price of 1000s of cryptocurrency as well as information about them.
    It was bought by Binance on March 31st 2020. Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchange in the world.
    They since then partner with mutliple crypto project in order to offer free crypto currency to anyone willing to learnabout them.
  • Coinbase (Affiliate – Get 10$ free when you deposit 100$ using this link)
    Coinbase are the pionneer of the paid to learn for the crypto industry. They’ve hosted many successful campaign since the launch of their EARN program.
    Coinbase is also one of the biggest crypto exchange in the U.S.A
  • Phemex
    Phemex is a recent exchange founded in 2019 by ex-wallstreet trader Jack Tao. I personnaly never used this platform or heard of it before I started writing this post.
    At the moment of writting this, they only have 1 campaign in their Learn & Earn section that will give you 6$ to watch some videos. Might be worth to try it.
Coinbase EARN to learn The Graph campaign 4$ free crypto
This is what an EARN campaign looks like on Coinbase

Free crypto with airdrops

Airdrops are 100% free crypto coins. Crypto projects use airdrops in order to create awareness of their coin or token.

Sometimes, you will need to hold their token in your crypto wallet, other times, you just need to register via a form and give your wallet address to receive the airdrop.

There are many airdrops going at any given time in the crypto world. Some are worth more than others depending on the project.

You have to be careful when an airdrop asks you to hold the token. Especially if it is a popular airdrop coming. Those have a tendency to drop the value of the coin right after the blockchain screenshot. (when the project looks at every wallet to determine who is eligible).

If you own an Ethereum wallet for over a year now (with ether in it) you probably already have some new token in it coming from random airdrops.

Those are usually worthless, but it’s free, so maybe just hold them for now.

Here is a list of websites that will help you get valuable airdrops:

  • CoinMarketCap
    CoinMarketCap offers free airdrops. Very easy to join each of them by completing simple tasks like Follow on Twitter, Telegram, etc.
  • Airdrops.io
    The best website to get new airdrops information. Airdrops.io has been around for a long time. The team keep maintaining the platform, it look great and it is full of airdrops.
  • AirdropAlert
    Nice platform to get free airdrops. Not as big as Airdrops.io but certainly worth the detour.
CoinMarketCap airdrop free crypto task registration
CoinMarketCap Airdrop registration example

Free Bitcoin faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a website that giveaway Bitcoin to its members.

A Bitcoin faucet should be 100% free and shouldn’t ask you to complete any task.

The amount of Bitcoin that you will get for free is very tiny, but if you keep doing it (usually you have to wait 1 hour to 24 hours) you can probably accumulate something decent over time.

Even if very small, with the growth of BTC over the last 13 years, who knows how much this could be worth in the next decade.

Here’s where you can access Bitcoin faucets and claim some free BTC:

  • Freebitco.in
    One of the biggest and oldest Bitcoin faucet out there! Very easy to join and you can get your first drop within 2 minutes. Nice platform to join for free BTC. You can claim free BTC every hour.
  • Bitcoin.com
    This is a Bitcoin Cash faucet. All you need to do is install the Bitcoin Cash wallet and enter your wallet address on the website to receive free Bitcoin Cash.
  • Cointiply
    Cointiply is a complete platform that include a Bitcoin faucet as well as some games that can be played to win more BTC. You can claim free BTC every hour.
Cointiply free Bitcoin faucet dashboard
Cointiply free faucet dashboard

Earn crypto with interest

You can earn crypto interest by holding some crypto in a wallet for X period of time.

Usually, the longer you lock your coins or tokens, the bigger the interest rate will be.

So if you are currently holding and don’t have any plan to sell for many years. Earning interest with your crypto might be a smart choice as you will grow your portfolio at the same time.

Many platforms offer interest on the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) can be very interesting. Here are some of them:

  • Crypto.com
    Crypto.com has been arround for a few years now. They offer many services related to cryptocurrency. From Exchanges, Debit card, and of course interest for you if you hold your tokens and coins on their platform.
  • Blockfi
    Blockfi offers up to 7.5% interest on your crypto holding.
  • Celcius.Network
    Celcius Network is a well-know platform that help crypto user to Earn, Borrow and pay using cryptocurrency. They offer up to 17.5% APY which is pretty big! By joining them and depositing 400$, you will get an extra 50$ in BTC. This is a great way to start your journey.
Crypto.com interest on crypto staking chart
Cryptocom APY list

Free crypto cashback

If you are a big online buyer, earning crypto cashback is certainly the way to go for you!

There are more and more platforms offering cashback in the form of Bitcoin simply for shopping online.

You can earn up to 24% cashback from what I saw, which is pretty good.

There are also crypto debit cards that use a similar model.

I guess that combining both together could generate a lot of BTC cashback.

I have never used those platforms yet, but while I wrote this article I registered to two of those services.

I also just received my crypto.com card that gives me 1% cashback (this is the minimum and it goes up to 8% if you stake CRO tokens)

Here are some of the free bitcoin cashback platforms and debit cards:

  • Lolli.com
    Lolli is a chrome extension that gives you cashback in form of Bitcoin. You can now shop 1000s of online store like Nike, Ebay, and Microsoft and get rewarded in BTC.
  • Crypto.com
    The Crypto.com debit card gives you up to 8% cash back on all your purchased. This can be an easy way to grow your portfolio just by doing what you do everyday.
  • Bitcoin Reward
    Similar to Lolli, Bitcoin Reward offers cashback in over 1500 online stores including Fiverr, Home Depot, and Booking.com.
Lolli Chrome Extension Cashback

Play and get free crypto

I don’t think that playing to get free Bitcoin could be lucrative. But if you like the games that a platform offers, why not make some sats at the same time.

Those game sites probably pay as much as a Bitcoin faucet. A very tiny amount of BTC. But it needs more effort than a BTC Faucet. So unless you really enjoy their games, I would suggest using another method in order to get free crypto.

If you ever made significant money playing those games, let me know in the comment, I am very curious about it.

Here’s some example of platforms that offers free Crypto to play games:

  • Blingfi
    Bling Financial is a collection of APP (Android Only). They offer 3 games. They paid over 1 million dollars to their user in 2020. You can cash out every 15 min. and redeem every week.
  • Foxy NFT
    Foxy NFT is an experimental game on the BSC (Binance Blockchain) where you battle with other users to earn Foxy token.
  • Axie Infinity
    Axie Infinity is a new blockchain game where you can build an Axie army, Breed your Axie, and buy land. You are also able to sell your Axie. The highest price paid for one of those at this moment is 300 ETH. The platform counts over 250K users and as trader over 90K ETH in their marketplace. There is certainly money to be made there. But you will probably need to invest in those Axie first…
Axie Infinity Blockchain game
Axie Infinity Blockchain Game

Get free Bitcoin for joining exchanges

Everybody that first joins the cryptoverse will end up on some exchange to buy their first coins.

Before you do this, make sure that you are aware of all the offers that are around.

Crypto exchanges want you as a client and often, they are ready to give you some free BTC or other cryptos in order to get you.

Always check around for those offers so you can get the most out of your crypto purchased.

Here’s some example of cryptocurrency exchanges that offer free Bitcoin when you join them (and deposit of course):

  • Okex
    You can get up to 50$ free with a deposit of 100$ on Okex. Okex is a crypto exchange that operate in over 100 counties and have a 1.5 billion + dayli volume. It is a trusted exchange.
  • Wealth Simple
    Wealth Simple is a Canadian investment company that offers 50$ in BTC for free when you trade over 100$. This company recently added crypto to their services. If you are Canadian, it is worth the look. I have invested in stocks with them for a while now and I trust this company. Very well done platform.
  • Coinbase
    Coinbase, one of the most established exchange in the U.S if not in the world, offers 10$ free when you deposit 100$ (using the link). This is the primary entry to the crypto world for many new crypto investors. Very reliable platform.
Okex free BTC and USDT task list
Okex free BTC and USDT tasks list

How do you get your free crypto?

That’s it for me, but I am curious about your way to get free crypto. So feel free to let me know in the comment how you do it.

Also, these websites, platforms, and apps listed above are only a quick overview of what there is out there. Many other websites offer free crypto for you to grab. Make sure to do your research on Google to find out more.

Always be careful and verify the reputation of the platform that claims to offer free crypto.

Don’t forget that when it looks too good to be true, it’s probably because it is not true 😉

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