How to buy crypto to start trading.

Buy crypto with interact or credit card and start trading

There are a few things you need to know before you start buying crypto. By buying any crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, etc.) you become your own bank. That means that you, and only you are in charge of the security of your assets.

When you send your cryptocurrency on an exchange, it means that you trust that the exchange will keep your crypto safe. Many exchanges have been hacked in the past. So stay with the main exchanges, the most trusted and established. (Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, just to name a few).

If you don’t actively trade your crypto that are on an exchange, be safe and take it out. You can send it to a crypto wallet that you own. (will see that later)

When you send crypto from a wallet to another, always double-check the address to make sure you are sending it to the correct address.

If you are just starting in the cryptosphere, which I guess you are, you will see a lot of people that promise you incredible guaranteed returns, All you have to do is send them some of your crypto and they will double it… Don’t ever do that. Always stay in control. The space is full of scammers.

In this guide, we will provide multiple ways to buy cryptocurrency, we will also show you how to send your crypto to a crypto exchange.
If you already own crypto and have an account on Binance, you can follow our signals easily with this guide HERE.

Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with Interact Transfer

You can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with an Interact transfer using SHAKEPAY (only for Canada). You will get 10$ free if you buy 100$ or more using this link.

Note that you can use the Shakepay app or website to do the following steps, but you will need the mobile app to transfer cryptocurrencies to an exchange or another wallet.

Once you are registered, select “Add Funds”
You will then see this screen:

Select the Interact e-Transfer. the next screen will look like this:

Log into your bank account and create a new Interact transfer to the email address they will provide, enter the question and answer that are also provided on that page.
Your funds will be available on Shakepay very quickly. (You can withdraw funds as easily as you sent them)

Now if you want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, click on Exchange. You will then see the page shown below. Simply choose how much you would like to buy, which coin you want to buy and click on “Continue”. (You can also sell Bitcoin and Ethereum for Canadian Dollard)

If you want to send your crypto (to exchanges or other wallets), or withdraw some money from shakepay, click on “Send” in the menu.
Note that sending Crypto is currently only available on the mobile version of Shakepay but you can withdraw money on a computer. Don’t worry, their mobile app is as user-friendly as their website!

Buy Crypto with a credit card

Many exchanges offer to buy crypto with your credit card. I will only write about Binance and Coinbase (serving most countries) here but a simple google search will certainly give you more choices. We will see Binance because our signal services are made for Binance. So by buying your crypto there, you will skip the step of transferring your coin from one place to another. Coinbase is a good alternative for Canadians who want to buy crypto using their credit card.

Binance is one of the biggest (in trading volume) cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is operating since July 2017 and it is now the go-to exchange for almost every cryptocurrency trader.

Coinbase is probably the most popular platform when it’s time to buy cryptocurrency. This company is in service since 2012 and its headquarter is in California. Coinbase currently has 5.6 million registered members.

Buy crypto on Binance using a credit Card

First of all, go register an account on Binance (use this link, you will save 10% of your trading fees).
Once logged in, select “Wallet” from the top menu, then “Buy Crypto” from the sub-menu. You should then see this page:

Fill out the form then click on Next.
Simply fill choose Credit and Debit Card, add your card and complete the transaction.

Buy crypto on Coinbase using a credit card

Create an account on Coinbase (use this link and get 10$ free when you buy 100$ or more of crypto)

Once your account created, click on the “Trade” button, you will then see a popup like the one below. Click on “Add a Payment Method”

Once you have filled up the address form, you will be able to add your credit card information.

Now that you have added your credit card, you need to select which coin you would like to buy and how much you want. You can also make a recurring buy by hovering the clock icon in the top right corner.

That’s it, you now own some cryptocurrency!

You can now send your crypto to an exchange or another wallet by clicking on “Portfolio” in the top menu. Then select the coin you would like to transfer.
Fill out the Sending form and click continue. Don’t forget to always double-check the address you are sending to.

Send your crypto to Binance

Make sure you are still connected to Binance and then go to This page shows you what crypto you currently own on the Binance exchange.
To send your coin to Binance, find the coin that you own and click on “Deposit”

You should now have a page that looks like the one below. You will see an address in the right box. This is the address that you will use to send your coin to your Binance account. Make sure to select the coin you want to transfer first. This is an example for Bitcoin, but if you transfer Ethereum, select Ethereum.

That’s it, go back to Coinbase or Shakepay and enter that address in the transfer form. It can take a few minutes before your funds appear on the exchange. Don’t worry it’s normal.

You are now ready to follow our signals! See how you can set up our signals quickly and start earning here.

Secure your crypto

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below. Those will give you some options when it comes to the security of your cryptocurrency.

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