Free crypto signals on Telegram

For any of you that prefer not to use our free automatic crypto signals, we are also offering all our signals on our Telegram channel.

Our free crypto signals for Telegram include:

  • Entry & Exit
  • Stoploss Price
  • Position Size

These signals do not include pyramiding.

The signals are generated primarily for Binance. But you can still trade them on Kucoin or any other cryptocurrency exchange of your choice. As long as the pairs are available.

Here’s an example for an Entry signal on Telegram:

Example free crypto signals on telegram

Entry Price from the signal

The entry prices that are specified in the Telegram signals are the price at which the users using the automated signals opened the position.

We enter all our positions at market price. So when you receive a new message in the Telegram channel for an ENTRY, you need to act immediately and enter a position. Do not use LIMIT because you might very well get left behind.

Position Size from the signal

All the position sizes provided on Telegram are calculated based on 11 pairs, if you decide to follow the signals only for 10 or 5 or even 1 of these pairs, you can adjust your position size accordingly.

All the pairs have been backtested and provided us with good results, but BTC and ETH are at the top of the list in regards to returns.


The leverage is also included in all our entry signals. This is part of the Position Size which is part of the risk management, if you want to only use 1X, you can adjust your position size accordingly. Ex: 1% at 2X would become 2% at 1X.

Stoploss Price

The stop-loss price must be entered at the same time that you open the new position.

This is a hard stop-loss price, so set it and forget it.

Take Profit

Our take profits are always Pending as our strategy lets the winners run. We have no idea when we enter the position, what will be our take profit price.

In order to take profit, you will need to follow our Telegram and wait for the exit signal which looks like this:

Example of a crypto signal on telegram (exit)

If you are in a trade, and you see an exit signal, you MUST exit the position at a profit or a loss.

Trailing Stoploss

Our crypto signals also include a dynamic trailing stop loss. Because it is dynamic, we cant include it in the entry signal. But once it is triggered, an exit signal like the one above will be twitted. Again, when you see an exit signal, Exit the position as fast as possible.

Follow every signal on Telegram!

Our strategy doesn’t have a very high winning rate, but the winning trades are very high returns. This is why it is important that you stay consistent in following those signals received on the Telegram channel.

If you choose to follow the signals for only a few pairs, follow every signal for these few pairs.

We never know when the next big winning trade will happen!

If you are afraid that you will not be able to follow every signal, you might want to use our automated signals on Zignaly. By doing so, you can be sure to get every single new position that we open 24/7!

Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our email form or join our discord community if you need help with anything!

Help us help someone you want to help!

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