Cryptocurrency Trend Following Signals

Stop Holding and Start Winning! Become a Trend Surfer!

USDT Pair Backtested Trend Surfers

A strong backtested strategy

Our strategy returned 530+% (ROI) since 2018 vs -82% for buy & hold strategy.

Don't trade blindly! Trading without a strategy is the best way to lose your money. We did our homework and backtested our strategy to bring you only the best trade opportunity.

Don't be an hodler! Holding your crypto passively is a big mistake. You know that if you've been around for more than a year. Our strategy is growing your BTC wallet in bear and bull markets, All we need is a trend and cryptocurrency is a trend paradise.

5.5 Trade Signals/Week

7 Days Avg. trade duration

270% – Avg. ROI  / Pair / Year

Strong Risk Management

We provide QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

We are proud to bring you high quality crypto signals. We do not aim to have many small wins like most signal providers do. Instead, we wait for a trend to start and then we surf it until it shows weakness.

This results in having fewer trades than others, we also have many small losses in ranging markets until the trend confirms. Our winners tho, they bring us to the moon

Breakout Strategy in action

How to use Zignaly

Use our step-by-step guide to setup our signals on Zignaly and get started within 10 minutes!

How to get started

If you are just starting in the cryptoverse, this guide will help you buy your first Bitcoin or Ethereum. It will also show you how to send your coin to an exchange so you can start trading. If you want to follow our signals but don't have crypto yet, this is where you should start!