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Over 100 different trading signals generated from 4 strategies. Trading on 3 different timeframes. All Backtested. All with RISK-MANAGEMENT features.

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Crypto Signals anyone can follow

Our crypto signals are simple to follow. 
Make sure you are not late on a signal by checking the Update time.

If you are, have a look at our Entry Price and decide if you would like to take the trade.

If so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter a trade on the directed side, Long=Buy/Short=Sell
  2. Respect the position size and leverage
  3. Place your Take Profit
  4. Place your Stop-loss

Backtested Strategies

All of our signals are generated from fully backtested strategies. This ensure that those signals generated profit for a long period of time before they are provided to you!

Risk-Management Safeguard

At Trend Surfers, we care about profit, but also losses. This is why all of our signals comes with Position Size. A must have feature for anyone who cares about risk!

Timeframes for everyone

Whether you want to spend your day trading or only have an hour a week, we got you covered. Our different strategies trade on candles from 30 min. to 1 Day.

Stop trying to guess what crypto to buy and sell!

Trading is not easy and it takes years to master if it’s ever achieved. We can provide you reliable signals, so you know exactly when to Buy and when to Sell. Better than this, know exactly how much to Buy and Sell. Simply wait for the signals and jump in!

crypto scalping signals backtest

Backtested and Forward tested strategies so you don't have to worry!

You will be able to view our backtest for each of our strategies before you start trading it. All of them are also closely monitor to ensure that the Returns and Drawdowns are in line with their historical values. If a discrepancy is detected, changes will be done or we might pause the entire strategy. Our goal is to provide you only with the best signals!

Signal Alerts to make
sure you stay on top

Our algorithms monitors the markets 24/7 so you don’t have to.
Once a new signal comes in, you can be alerted directly on your phone via push notifications. On-Site sound alerts are also available!

Trend Following Strategy

Our favorite strategy so far is certainly Trend Following 4H. This strategy will take many losses, but when it hits a winner, we make very good money!

Check it out in action!

Choose your subscription plan!

We offer 3 different subscription plans. 

We have a FREE forever plan that will provide you with limited trading pairs and Premium plans starting at less than 5.50$ a month that gives you all the pairs and future features!


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