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Welcome to Trend Surfers! 

We are a free crypto signal service that trade Futures market for all major coins/token against USDT. 

You can trade our signals manually via our free signals feed or use our automated crypto trading signals.

We offer 100% automated trading via Zignaly. All you have to do is to create a Zignaly account and transfer some USDT. We take care of every aspect of the trading (Entry, Exit, Position Size, Pyramiding, Stop-loss). It will only take a few minutes to set you up, and you will start getting our trading signals today!

We currently offer 4 signals services, our Trend Following V2 aims for safe growth of our equity, Trend Following 1D which is a long term Trend trading strategy based on the V2 script mentioned before, our Account Building service that is riskier and aims at very high returns, and our Crypto Scalping Signals called Reversion which is a fast-paced trading strategy.

All of our services use backtested strategies and some are now trading for more than a year with success. The strategies have been improved during the year and now include better overall risk management and returns.

Be a winning trader!

Trading is very hard, a lot of people like to make it looks like it’s easy. But even with the best strategies, if you have poor risk management or bad execution, you will only bring your equity down over the long run.

Our strategy will provide you with everything that you need in order to beat the market and generate great profit! 

Never wonder again if Bitcoin is going up or down, never ask yourself if this is the bottom or only a bounce. Our trading signals will remove all uncertainty that many traders have. We provide you with a winning strategy that destroys buy and hold returns!

Reinvest the profit to compound all those gains and grow your crypto account exponentially! Even if you are starting small, letting our automated trading signals run, will generate very great returns on your investment.

Once that you have joined us, you will be able to see all the automatic trades right in the Zignaly dashboard.

Zignaly dashboard - Trend Surfers Results example


Our strategy at work! (Trend Following)

In the video below, you can see our strategy creating signals for Bitcoin. The signals generated are for Entry / Exit and also the pyramiding. Our strategy also takes care of the position size, which makes sure that our risk is always under control!

At the bottom of the video, you can have an overview of the backtest results. 

More than Crypto signals!

Most crypto signals out there will only provide you with some entry and exit signals, which lack one of the most important parts of any trading strategy. RISK MANAGEMENT

Any trading strategy will suffer from losses soon or later. Trading without risk management is like going all-in on every hand at poker. You might get a lucky start, but you won’t be in the game very long.

Trend Surfers crypto signals come with an automated full risk-management feature. We take care of your position sizing and leverage for every new signal that comes in. Our maximum risk per trade is calculated to make sure we keep control of our drawdowns while optimizing our gains.

We pyramid into our trades, starting with a conservative position and add funds to it if the market goes our way.

You can’t win if you don’t know how much to bet! Trend Surfers automate this crucial factor of trading for you!

Free Crypto signals

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Automated Trading

Free Premium Signals

You can follow our signals on Twitter and Telegram 100% FREE! All you need to do is follow Trend Surfers on your favorite one. 

The Live Signals Feed offer you the most Free signals out of all the other options. It includes signals from 4 different strategies.

All our free crypto signals include Entry, Stoploss, Exit, and Position Size. To learn more about the free signals and how to use them, visit Free crypto signals on TwitterFree crypto signals on Telegram or our Live Signals Feed.

Those signals are coming 24/7 all year long. It can be difficult to keep pace when the markets are volatile. For better accuracy and results in your trading, it is highly suggested to you use our automated crypto signals.

Almost free Automated Crypto Trading

There is nothing to pay for our automated signals on a monthly basis. Also, if you don’t make any money with our services, it is 100% free. 

There is a 15% success fee on the profit when your equity reaches a new all-time high. Let’s say you invest 100$, your account goes to 150$, you will pay 15% on the 50$ of profit (7.5$). If you account then goes back down to 125$, you won’t have to pay any success fees until your account is back to 150.01$. 150$ become the new all-time high and no fee can be taken if we don’t bring your account higher than that!

You can trust that we want you to succeed, this is not a fast money grab. You don’t make money, we don’t make money!

Check out the link below to learn how to get started with our automated crypto trading.

Any questions?

Jump on our Discord community if you need help with anything! We are there for you!

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