Account building signals for BTC/USDT (Free)

Account Building Crypto Signals

The account building signal service is designed to produce very high returns. We have created this signal for investors who have a small amount of crypto holding and would like to grow it faster than with our Trend Following V2 signals.

Don’t get me wrong though, this signal service is well suited for any size of crypto account. But like you will see below, the risk is high and the drawdowns are too. So do not invest an amount that would keep you up at night if multiple trades go against us.

Here are some backtest we did:

1 Year:

1 Year backtest Account building free crypto signals

2 years:

2 Years backtest Account building free crypto signals

3.5 Years:

3+ Years backtest Account building free crypto signals

Be aware though that the past results are not an indicator of future returns, but they can show us that we have a strategy that could work and bring us some good results. Only the future will show us how right we are.

Account Building Risk

Like mentioned before, we take greater risk for the account building signals than for our main signals. If you want bigger returns faster, there is no choice but increase the risk.

The maximum equity at risk for a single trade is around 6%. A usual losing trade would be -3% on average.

Having such a high risk per trade will results in greater drawdown also which we will talk about next.

Drawdowns while building your crypto equity

Signals for account building will sometime have drawdowns that could reach -40% to -50%. This is extremely high and you have to be ready to hold and not panic if that ever happen to you. We will get though it and reach new high, Give it the time.

If you ever see that we are in a -30%+ drawdown and you are not copying our crypto signals yet, this would probably be a good opportunity for you to jump in as we are most likely to go back up very soon!

Free Account Building signals for crypto

This Crypto signal service like our other one, is free of charge. You can join us and copy our signal for as long as you want without any monthly fees

We do take a 15% success fees, the success fees are only taken once your equity reach a new all time high. The success fees are taken directly from the profit. If you invest 100$ and you reach 200$, you will have paid 15$ of success fees.

If your account then goes back to 150$, you won’t pay any fees until you account gets back over that 200$ mark.

Start copying our crypto signals

You can start copying our signals today, really, it is pretty simple to do. All you need is a Zignaly account (Copy trading platform for crypto) and some USDT. Check out our step by step guide to learn how to copy on Zignaly!

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or on our Discord channel.

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