New strategies available on Zignaly

I recently released two new strategies on Zignaly. I wanted to quickly share with you what they’re about.

Both strategies are doing pretty well so far!

Fast Trading, Fast Returns, Crazy Ride!

The first one is called ROLLERCOASTER. The name comes from the look and feel of that strategy equity curve.

Rollercoaster have a 94% winning rate, which is great. But in order to get a decent profit from those small winning trades, we need to increase our risk. By increasing our risk, once the strategy fails, our equity will take a big hit. This will generate a drawdown that could go up to 60%. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario, but it is still a scenario.

Overall the strategy will generate a return on your investment if you follow it long enough.

Since January 14, 2022, Rollercoaster has generated a return of 50.42% as of the writing of this post. The strategy already went through a 30% drawdown and recovered very quickly.

Here’s the returns chart so far:

Crypto mean reversion scalp automated signals Rollercoaster

And this is how the strategy has behaved since its inception:

Rollercoaster strategy statistics

I wouldn’t put all my savings into this strategy, as it would keep me up at night, but investing something that isn’t too much to handle is pretty fun!

If you are interested to learn more about the Breakout strategy or to copy the strategy, check the strategy page on Zignaly.

Return of the Breakout

A while back, I was offering a breakout strategy on Zignaly. I decided to stop the strategy due to the coming of my Trend Following 4H. TF 4H was in every way superior to the breakout strategy.

I kept working on the Breakout strategy and came up with a new formula that makes it a faster and more reliable strategy.

The new Breakout strategy trades on the 1H candles. It will exit losing trades quickly and stay in winning trades as long as the trend goes our way.

The drawdown could reach 30% in extreme situations.

Here’s what the backtest look like for ETH and BTC:


Backtest Breakout strategy Ethereum


Backtest Breakout strategy Bitcoin

It was pretty sideway on our Zignaly provider at the beginning. We went with a 5% drawdown right at the start.

But we are now on the good path with over 20% in unrealized profit.

This is the PNL since its inception:

PNL Breakout strategy on Zignaly

And here are the stats:

Stats Breakout strategy on Zignaly

If you are interested to learn more about the Breakout strategy or to copy the strategy, check the strategy page on Zignaly.

So far so good…

I am pretty happy with how those 2 strategies have behaved so far.

The returns are good.

I think that those 2 strategies are a good addition to our existing ones. Altogether, our strategies cover all kinds of markets in timeframes from 30 min to 1D.

From scalping type to Long term trend following trades that can last months.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Help us help someone you want to help!

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