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At Trend Surfers, we offer a range of PineScript coding services designed to enhance your trading strategies. Here’s a quick overview of what we can do for you:

Creation of Custom Study Script (Indicator)

Our team of experienced coders can create a custom study script (indicator) tailored to your specific trading requirements. Whether you need a simple moving average or a more complex indicator, we can help.

Creation of Custom Strategy Script (with Backtest Capability)

If you need a custom strategy script that includes backtesting capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Our experts can work with you to design a script that fits your unique trading style and goals.

Indicator-to-Strategy Conversion

Want to turn your favorite indicator into a full-fledged trading strategy? We can help with that too. Our team can convert your existing indicator into a strategy script, giving you more options for automated trading.

Combine Several Indicators into One Script Code

If you’re using multiple indicators to inform your trading decisions, we can help you consolidate them into a single script code. This can make it easier for you to keep track of everything you need to know to make the best trades.

Add Alert Functionality to Your Existing Script

If you already have a script that you’re using but need to add alert functionality, our team can help you with that. We’ll ensure that your script is set up to alert you whenever the market conditions you’re looking for are met.

Creation of Strategies Compatible with Auto Trade Services

Our custom strategies are compatible with popular auto trade services like 3Commas, Cryptohopper, AutoView, and PineConnector. We can help you set up a custom strategy that works seamlessly with your preferred trading platform.

PineScript Code Version Updates

Keeping your PineScript code up to date is important to ensure that your scripts are always functioning optimally. Our team can provide regular updates to your code to ensure that you’re always using the latest version.

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Please note that the pricing for our PineScript coding services may vary depending on the complexity and features requested. As a general guideline, our prices range from $100 to $750 per script. If you’re interested in any of our services and would like to get a quote, please fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible PineScript coding services at a fair price, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

You can view some of our work here.

The benefits of a custom Pinescript strategy or indicator

Custom PineScript strategies and indicators can provide traders with a range of advantages that can help improve their trading performance. By creating their own indicators and strategies, traders can tailor their trading approach to their specific needs and preferences, providing greater personalization and a competitive edge in the market.

One of the primary benefits of using custom PineScript strategies and indicators is the ability to increase trading efficiency. By automating trading decisions, traders can save time and respond quickly to market opportunities. Additionally, custom indicators can help traders make more informed decisions by providing precise information about market conditions and generating signals that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

Moreover, the use of PineScript enables traders to backtest their custom strategies, which is a crucial feature that allows traders to simulate their strategy on historical data. Backtesting provides traders with a powerful tool to assess the profitability and risk of their strategy, allowing them to refine and improve their approach.

Custom PineScript strategies and indicators can also improve accuracy and confidence in trading decisions. The personalized approach allows traders to align their indicators and strategies with their trading style and preferences. This alignment can lead to more accurate signals and can increase confidence in trading decisions, which can lead to improved trading performance.

Finally, custom PineScript strategies and indicators can enhance communication and collaboration with other traders. By creating indicators and strategies that are easy to understand and share, traders can easily communicate their ideas and collaborate with others to improve their approach.

In conclusion, custom PineScript strategies and indicators can offer traders numerous benefits, including increased trading efficiency, personalization, improved accuracy, and backtesting features. These benefits can translate into better trading performance and a competitive edge in the market.

Difference between a Pinescript indicator and Strategy

PineScript is a programming language used by TradingView to create custom technical indicators and strategies. Although both indicators and strategies are tools used by traders to analyze the markets, they have fundamental differences.

Indicators are mathematical calculations that are displayed on the chart and help traders identify trends, patterns, and potential price movements in the market. They provide traders with information to make informed trading decisions. PineScript indicators are highly customizable, allowing traders to tailor them to their individual preferences and trading styles.

On the other hand, PineScript strategies are automated trading systems designed to execute trades based on specific rules and conditions. They automate the trading process by executing trades based on predetermined rules. Traders can use backtesting to simulate a strategy’s performance using historical data before deploying it in live trading. This helps traders evaluate the strategy’s profitability and adjust the rules accordingly.

The primary difference between PineScript strategies and indicators is that indicators provide traders with information, while strategies automate the trading process. Indicators are used to analyze market data and identify potential trading opportunities, while strategies execute trades based on specific rules and conditions.

Indicators are used to make trading decisions manually, while strategies are used to automate the trading process. Strategies are often used by traders who prefer a systematic approach to trading and want to remove emotions from the decision-making process.

In conclusion, PineScript indicators and strategies serve different purposes and have unique features. Understanding the differences between the two can help traders select the right tool for their trading needs and improve their trading performance.

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