ETH/USDT 1-Hour Chart Update May 27th 2024


In the latest update on Ethereum (ETH) against Tether (USDT), the 1-hour chart reveals critical insights into recent price movements and potential future scenarios.

ETH has demonstrated significant price action over the past few days, breaking through key resistance levels and currently facing a critical juncture.

ETHUSDT Price action update with Support and resistance

Recent Price Action and Evolution

Since our last analysis, ETH has shown notable bullish momentum. Initially, the price was fluctuating around the 3730.71 USDT daily resistance level.

It successfully broke above this level and continued to rise, testing the 1-hour resistance at 3779.43 USDT. The bullish trend persisted, pushing the price to test the next significant resistance at 3949.29 USDT.

However, after reaching this high, ETH encountered selling pressure, causing a pullback to the current level of approximately 3894.77 USDT.

What to Look For Next

In the near term, traders should closely monitor the 3841.54 USDT support level. Holding above this support is crucial for maintaining bullish momentum. If ETH manages to sustain this level, it could re-test the 3949.29 USDT resistance.

A successful breakout above this resistance could push ETH towards the significant 4027.88 USDT monthly resistance level.

Conversely, if ETH fails to hold the 3841.54 USDT support, we might see a pullback to the 3779.43 USDT and 3730.71 USDT support levels. Breaking below 3730.71 USDT could signal further downside potential, with the price potentially testing lower support levels indicated on the chart.


Ethereum’s recent price movements suggest a period of consolidation after significant gains. The key levels to watch are 3841.54 USDT for support and 3949.29 USDT for resistance.

The price action around these levels will likely determine the next significant move for ETH, whether it be a continuation of the bullish trend or a deeper pullback. Traders should stay alert to these levels to make informed decisions.

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