Upcoming WebApp for our Crypto Signals

Upcoming Webapp for crypto signals

Our current signals are draining a lot from the server which sometimes results in errors and the page failing to load.

I am currently working on a new web app that will bring a faster and more stable experience.

I wanted to share the main feature and also would like to invite you to comment below on features that you would like to have for the new signal app.

Note that it is only a web app for the moment and android, ios app will come later.

New WebApp Features

  • Possibility to get signals sent to Telegram, Email, or on-site
  • Notification box with any major updates or news about the crypto signals.
  • A news feed where you will be able to see if there was any change for the signals you follow since you last connected
  • Possibility to follow only selected pairs or the entire strategy
  • One-Click copy of any important value for faster execution (TP, SL)
  • Option to hide inactive signals

Let me know in the comment what you would like to see

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