Trade crypto Breakout automatically

Trend Surfers Breakout Strategy

We have selected 11 pairs to be traded. We expect 100% ROI/year and have success rates for trades between 30% and 40%. The strategy will cause drawdowns between 20-35%, so you need to be prepared for that.


The strategy uses a trailing at 10% and a fix SL at 5%. max risk per position = 0.5% of our equity. Max potential gain = infinite – 10% :). We will see profit turn into losses, but that’s the way it goes. This is still a Trend Following strategy so we need to ride our winners until they turn around and cut our loser quickly.

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See how our signal works

Risk Management

The strategy uses a trailing stop loss and will catch pumps in the price of these coins. We also use a fix stop loss in order to protect our equity from a sudden drop in price. On each trade, the maximum risk is always about 0.5% of our equity.

Compounding our gains

Our signals will automatically allocate a percentage of your portfolio for each trade instead of a fixed amount like many do. This allows us to compound our gains. If you use our service for a few months, you will see the position sizes grow as your equity get bigger.

Trade automatically on Zignaly

You can copy all of our Breakout trades automatically using Zignaly.

Zignaly is a Crypto Trading Bot and Trading Terminal platform. It allows its users to copy signals from different providers and use an advanced trading terminal with advanced trading functions like trailing buy, trailing stop etc..

Trend Surfers is available on the platform, all you have to do is REGISTER, then select Trend Surfers -Breakout in the CopyTrading provider. Allocate an amount of USDT to our strategy and let us do the rest. All our trade will automatically be copied in your Binance account, you will not have to do a thing!
If you are confused by the process, please read our Step-By-Step guide to copy TS on Zignaly.